“The Ramp” Restaurant Closes Docks

“Please no docking at The Ramp” reads the message on the website. It appears the days of sailing to San Francisco’s Ramp Restaurant for a beer and a meal are over: Not only is The Ramp’s dock off-limits, the docks next door at San Francisco Boatworks are out-of-bounds as well.

Too make matters even more galling, this decision came after the Ramp rebuilt a dock damaged in a spring storm.

The Ramp in better days

Our sources did some digging and it seems the shut-out is the result of threatened legal action: Someone apparently injured themselves in a fall and threatened a lawsuit. While records show there are currently several lawsuits pending in San Francisco involving the Ramp, none of them involve dock injuries, so it’s likely the matter was resolved/is being resolved out-of-court.

Forbidden new dock @ The Ramp / courtesy Our Guy In San Francisco

Forbidden new dock @ The Ramp / courtesy Our Guy On The Waterfront

The Boatworks folks are a little sensitive to the matter, according to Our Guy On The Waterfront… and it may be that folks will be able to tie up after the dust settles, but for now, don’t count on lunch at The Ramp this season.