Spithill & Dalton Start Sniping: Video

The reaction to the Protocol for the 35th America’s Cup continues to be a big news item in New Zealand – TV 1 interviewed Oracle Skipper Jimmy Spithill, who said if the Kiwi’s couldn’t get funding prior to the event venue being announced, they might need new management:


Spithill does an interesting dance around the venue issue – according to Jimmy there’s a short list of 4 cities “everyone knows about”, which will be winnowed to 2 by the end of June, and then a decision will be announced by the end of October – rather than next February, which is what the Protocol says. With San Francisco, San Diego, Lanai, Bahamas, Chicago, Newport, and New York claiming to be on the short list, someone’s math is off.

dalts scaled 200

Then Grant Dalton showed up live in the studio, fresh from fundraising in Monaco, and said Spithill was talking through his hat – no venue, no sponsors, according Dalts:


Dalton talks about how inadequate San Diego would be as a venue, because of a lack of wind: “No spectacle”, says Dalts.