Cycling Across San Francisco Bay

Fella that runs a Media agency in San Francisco says he’s ready to bike across the Bay, using an off-the-shelf piece of gear called the Shuttle Bike.

bikeshuttle 1

Judah Schiller is set to attempt the peddle/paddle on September 27, “from Oakland to San Francisco”.

No word exactly where he plans to put in or land. There’s a considerable amount of windage on this contraption, and he might want to study the weather and current tables closely. (Ebb is predicted to start in the Estuary about 0740)

judah schiller atop a "bike shuttle"

judah schiller atop a “bike shuttle”

Schiller says he wants to do this to promote “Water Biking” as a sport, and touts his “Bay Cycle Project” as the first U.S. organizing body for Water Biking.

Could work. The again….

Here’s a video from the Indiegogo site (he wants money to start promoting the competitions)… somewhere down in the water is an itty-bitty propeller.

Will he make it across the Bay? Don’t know. The gadget is made by an Italian company and frankly looks like it would do a lot better on a lake – or tooling around Venice. The really annoying thing is that we couldn’t find a price anywhere – you’ve got to email them in Italy for a quote.

Here’s the site: