Who’s The New Challenger Of Record?

Now that Artemis is out of the running for the America’s Cup, who takes over as Challenger of Record? And why is that important?

The Challenger of Record and the Defender get to make the rules. Other teams may get a chance for input down the line, but the basic agreement on rules is made between the Defender and the Challenger. So it’s in the Defender’s best interest to cozy up to the COR to make sure things get… written… just… so.

The Challenger of Record is determined by the order in which challenges are received by the Defender. So there’s a “chain-of-succession” to deal with. Timing becomes critical.

Are there sometimes allegations of skullduggery and hanky-panky? You betcha.

According to a list published in July of 2011, there had been 12 challengers accepted by that point, and two recieved but not yet vetted by the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

That list included Challenger of Record Mascalzone Latino, from the Club Nautica Roma, recieved/accepted on 14 February 2010. (That challenge was actually accepted on a launch coming back from the finish line of the Dogzilla Cup in Valencia, when Oracle won the cup on Valentines Day.)

Mascalzone Latino Becomes 34th America's Cup Challenger of Record - 14 February 2010, off Valencia

Mascalzone Latino Becomes 34th America’s Cup Challenger of Record – 14 February 2010, off Valencia

Mascalzone dropped out in May of 2011, apparently without telling Club Nautica di Roma. (The YC is the actual challenger, the team is – the team) It took CNdR about a week to officially bow out (could have fielded another team) and the Artemis took over.

The Artemis Racing / Royal Swedish YC. Challenge was received 1 November 2010 (00:00 San Francisco time) and accepted 1 November 2010.

Challenger #3, the Emirates Team New Zealand / Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron challenge was received 1 November 2010 (00:51) and accepted 3 November 2010.

Notice the 51 minute delay in the receipt?

In the International Jury Case that followed, GGYC said the window to send in Challenges would open at 0000 on 1 November 2010.

They said the sequence went like this: ETNZ sent in a challenge too early, 4 seconds ahead of 0000. It took them 51 minutes to send another. In the meantime, Artemis sent their challenge in exactly on time.

Nice how that worked out.

There was another issue – Artemis sent in their $25,000 check two days earlier. ETNZ’s check came along with the email and it took two days to clear. ETNZ filed a case, and the International Jury, who found GGYC did nothing wrong. You can find the Jury ruling here: http://noticeboard.americascup.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/JN007.pdf

Who are the rest of the also-rans?

Team Australia / Multihull YC Queensland never materialized.

Luna Rossa joined the fun waaay late, on 29 October 2011.

Team Aleph, Energy Team, China Team, Sail Korea Challenge, Venezia Challenge, and Green Comm made it through the World Series and then dropped out.

So: The new Challenger of Record is Emirates Team New Zealand.

Simple, huh?

Need more detail?
These are good pages: http://www.cupinfo.com/en/ac34-americas-cup-2013-official-challenger-entry-order.php