Artemis: How To De-Rig An AC72

Thursday marked Artemis Racing’s second day on the water, testing their brand-new AC72 catamaran.

We caught up with the Challengers of Record as they came back to their base in Alameda, and got these snaps:

Artemis entering Alameda Point

Artemis Base on Alameda

A look at Artemis curved daggerboards

Artemis gets nudged toward base

Some poor soul goes aloft for the windex, and to hook up hoist lines

Counterweight to keep the mast vertical is sent over from shore

Soft sails shlepped ashore

Ready to pull the wing

Wing ashore

Tack and clew attached to dollies, wing is lowered to horizontal

Dolly ready for head of wing, then it’s off to the hangar

Artemis AC72 hulls alongside dock, waiting for lift-out

It’s quite a show, and easy to see – keep an eye on what Artemis is up to, and you can head down to Alameda Point and watch, too.

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