Poppy’s Crab Shack
Heading For Half Moon Bay

With just 56 days to go until commercial Dungeness Crab season starts, an ambitious Half Moon Bay family is turning to crowdsourcing to finance what sounds like an absolute winner: Poppy’s Crab Shack, a mobile Crab-Ateria based in Half Moon Bay (Fresh off-the-boat crab!)

Crab Shack founder Poppy shows off her pink headgear / courtesy Poppy’s Crab Shack

Poppy’s entry on Kickstarter shows it’s a crowd-pleaser – they’ve raised more than $10,000 in the past 5 days. Essentially the way this works is you pay for your food before the Crab Shack is open. The “pre-profit” pays for the start-up costs. For instance the $25-dollar “pledge” level will get you a whole steamed Dungess crab, a crab sandwich, and two drinks, “plus an official Poppy’s Crab Shack paper napkin “thank you” personally signed by Poppy herself.”

Le Shack / courtesy poppy’s crab shack

If you’ve ever bought, cooked, and cleaned two Dungeness crabs, $25 sounds very reasonable. Plus you get to visit Half Moon Bay, always a bonus Other “pledge levels” run from $2 (for the Poppy Signature Napkin) to $500 (Dinner for ten anywhere in the Bay Area).

Here’s a link to Poppy’s Crab Shack Facebook Page, so you can keep up with all the action.

Does crowdsourcing work? Saltwater Oyster Depot in Inverness opened in June and just got a great review in the SF Chron for it’s absolutely fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

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