L’Hydroptere Sails
On San Francisco Bay

The fastest sailboat in the world arrived in the Bay Area this week.

The “experimental” hydrofoil trimaran L’Hydroptere took her first sail on the Bay Thursday. She’s up from Long Beach, where she’s waiting for the right weather conditions to make a try at a record run from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Jacques Vincent, the boat’s co-skipper, has this to say about the trip up the coast:

“It has been an important delivery trip, very intense and wet. We left Long Beach under in very sunny conditions and almost no wind. When we entered North California, the weather changed radically with up to 30 knots of wind and tough sea conditions, we were battling upwind for 2 days, the boat proved again its seaworthiness. During these three days, we tested absolutely everything aboard. The technical systems were in operation constantly so have a lot to analyze for the next few weeks. On site we’ll be carrying out a few sea trials and doubtless we’ll be gunning for a record time between Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge. Naturally, at the slightest hint of a favourable weather window to Honolulu, we’ll drop back down to position ourselves at Long Beach.”

from http://hydroptere.com/en/the-news/last-news/

According to the World Sailing Speed Record Council, L’Hydroptere holds the current 500 meter speed record for yachts – 51.36 kts, set in 2009.

In the meantime, she’s in the Bay, coat-tailing on the America’s Cup World Series races for some publicity.  She appears to be swinging on the hook in front of the Corinthian YC in Tiburon, if you’d like a look.

If your French is good, try this site: http://www.hydroptere.com/

If you rely on your Anglais, here’s a charmant translation via google: http://tinyurl.com/9baurku

And here’s a video of L’Hydroptere’s first day on San Francisco Bay:

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